Cell Focusing Tips for Accurate Cell Counts

Modified on Wed, 25 Oct 2023 at 03:40 AM

Proper cell focusing is crucial to ensure accurate cell counts when using our cell counting systems. This article provides guidelines for achieving optimal focus and avoiding common issues such as halo effects and blurriness, leading to incorrect cell detection. Follow the instructions below to achieve the desired results: 

  1. Position the sample slide on the microscope. 
  2. Set an initial focus: use the slider in the application to bring the cells into focus or click on the autofocus button (available in models from 2020). 
  3. Refine the focus: pay attention to the cell features, specifically looking for a white center and a distinctive black edge. See the image below for a visual representation of the desired cell focus level.
  4. Avoid halos and blurriness: be cautious not to over-focus. If halos or blurriness are observed, the counting algorithm will not detect the cells correctly. Slightly adjust the focus to find the sweet spot where cells appear sharp with clear black edges.
  5. Take multiple measurements: to ensure accuracy, capture multiple images at different locations on the slide. This helps to account for any variations in cell distribution. Count up to 8 different locations. 

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